Long-Term Care

Long-term Care at Vincentian

Long-term Care refers to a continuum of medical and social services designed to support the needs of people living with chronic health problems that affect their ability to perform everyday activities. Often those in long-term care can no longer care for their personal needs such as eating, bathing, using the bathroom, transferring to bed or chair or responding to emergencies. They may also have extensive medical needs requiring daily attention.

Our dedicated team provides 24/7 skilled nursing care with a focus on clinical excellence, working closely with residents’ physicians and other healthcare professionals. Comprehensive health care offerings include medical and psychiatric services, dental, podiatry, ophthalmology, pharmacy, oxygen therapy and hospice care. Programs are designed to help residents celebrate their individuality and enjoy their highest level of independence.

Long-Term Care is offered at:
Vincentian De Marillac
Vincentian Marian Manor
Vincentian Home