Health-Related Assistance

FAQ: Health-Related Assistance

Q. What is an advanced directive or living will?

A. An advanced directive or living will, is a written set of instructions provided by a competent adult that outlines the types of life-prolonging treatment that a person would choose if he or she became unable to make medical decisions. The living will or advanced directive tells whether and when to begin, continue, or withdraw life-sustaining treatment.

Q. What is “hospice?” Do Vincentian facilities provide hospice?

A. Hospice is a program that provides pain management and supportive care for the terminally ill, in the home or as an inpatient. Usually, services are covered by Medicare. Hospice services include counseling, education, and bereavement services not only for the patient but also for the family. Vincentian works with a variety of hospice providers to offer services within our facilities at the request of the resident and his or her family.

Q. Do you provide short-term rehab?

A. Yes. Physical, speech and occupational therapies to rehabilitate and restore independence are available in accordance with physician orders. Visit our rehabilitation & therapy pages to learn more. Our outpatient program offers a continuum of care in rehabilitation services, so you have the support you need when you return home.