Book of Life

Book of Life

Book of Life is an oral history program that engages residents in sharing memories and life stories. In doing so — they define milestones, accomplishments, and challenges that are enjoyable and informative for themselves and listeners.

As a Volunteer Biographer, you will be matched with a resident. Scheduling is flexible; assignment times are based on resident and volunteer availability. Volunteers can download The Book of Life Guide Book available to the right of this column, which will help provide ideas and tips to spark great conversations!

Some volunteers have researched old photos and archived information on the internet about their subject based on the residents’ stories and have added to their project such items as pictures of homes where a resident grew up, a factory where they worked, census information, or news articles that were part of their family history.

> The Book of Life Guide Book

Plan a Book of Life Event!

If you, your family, friends or members of a group would like to lead a group reminiscing activity as part of our Book of Life program — which can include scrapbooking, photo sharing, or storytelling — we would love to have your involvement!